Playing Cards

The Playing Cards is a fundamental teaching and learning tool that has been carefully adapted to the philosophy of The Secret of Music method.

For use alongside the method and in full knowledge of its philosophy, the cards help students discover their potential, and develop their unique musical language and voice, trailing a unique path.

Working with the cards and the diverse materials of this method, students improve their knowledge of harmonic and melodic processes, tuning their intuition, and acquiring full fluency in improvisation.

This promotes the pleasure of listening and appreciating, singing and playing with love – a fundamental principle for living in harmony with the music.

With the cards, beginners learn by playing games, with great ease, a contrast with the traditional methods of music teaching. However, the cards complement any music teaching method because they contain all the mathematics of harmony and theory that is of common use among professional musicians throughout the world. With the cards, it’s easy to accompany student progress and know how much students have learned and how much they still need to cover.

The cards help can assist in the crafting of original compositions and arrangements, and in the preparation of harmony, rhythm and improvisation studies for groups or private lessons, clinics and workshops.

Using the cards and the method of The Secret of Music we can revert the force of memorized licks and overused chord progressions.

Myriad possibilities for reflection and action arise from the discovery process that comes from the intuitive use of the musical cards. We encounter unusual and unexpected musical circumstances that take us beyond the harmonic and melodic habits that many musicians acquire with time following typical methods.