The Secret of Music

Sandro developed his method and the course The Secret of Music along 47 years of musical practice.

The project grew from a live workshop in 2016 and became a platform for the musical study that has helped thousands of students. This work also led to a series of live workshops that Sandro has been delivering for audiences in Brazil and around the world.

Working with his partners Mauricio Machado and the anthropologist Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, PhD, Sandro continues to update and add material to this platform.

Sandro’s original method combines musical teaching with a philosophy for living and learning well. Its processes and exercises are designed for the discovery development of one’s unique musical identity, voice and personality. The philosophy of this method focuses on the importance of personal improvement and provides various techniques for dealing with common issues such as anxiety and uncertainty.

Many students report immediate positive results and improvements. Sandro’s also method includes all the technical musical information needed for a lifetime of studies.

Drawing on different original concepts, this method deals with various subjects in detail, such as theory, harmony, rhythm, chords and tensions, composition and performance.

For instance, in the study of improvisation, the concept of ‘worlds’ links the philosophical and the practical elements of the hear, sing, and play method.

In the philosophical sections, Sandro demonstrates how two fundamental concepts of his course – the law of processes and the law of circumstances – are incorporated into the hearing, sing, and play method as ways for dealing with life’s challenges and for growing with new musical circumstances.

Working with this method led to the invention of the musical Playing Cards, a tool that combines teaching, learning, composition and improvisation. With this special deck of cards, Sandro arrived at the idea of multidimensional harmonies, one of its most advanced applications. They are unconventional chord superpositions that lead us out of the comfort zone to explore new musical landscapes where our intuition can flow without depending on theory.

The method hears, sing, and play was designed for musicians all instrumentalists, singers, composers, students, and music lovers in general. It is indicated for all levels, from beginner to professional.

The students that attend Sandro’s workshops have reported feeling refreshed and more secure and motivated to play for the love and pleasure of playing, and happier with their own music. It is a transformation that opens a new path where we shall harvest the fruits of our own musical truth.