Sandro Haick is a Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, teacher, audio engineer, musical director and producer.

Sandro Haick, 49 years old (2020), started playing music early in his life – his father Netinho gave him a drum set when he was only 2 years old. His father is the drummer of the band Os Incríveis, of great renown in Brazil. This support inspired Sandro to start studying music, which he continues doing.

Sandro learned to speak while learning music. He was always curious about every musical instrument and rhythm that he heard. At age 8, Sandro was already a registered professional and started making his first recordings alongside his father. By age 11, Sandro founded the very successful and popular youth band Bom Bom and went on to tour various stages, stadiums and television shows across Brazil.

With the national success of his band Os Incríveis in the 1980s and 1990s, Netinho supported Sandro’s career as a professional musician from early on. This meant that Sandro did not have to waste time with conventional studies, and could instead focus on making and studying music.

Sandro started teaching guitar as a professional at age 16, when he founded his own music school, Steps Ahead, with his friend Marlus.

During his youth, Sandro performed with different function bands, rock and jazz groups in various venues in the city of São Paulo and throughout the country.

With an unwavering consistency in studying different instruments, teaching, performing and recording, Sandro eventually developed his own musical style and identity.

As a multi-instrumentalist and performer with decades of hands-on experience, and a versatile composer and arranger, Sandro has produced and participated in many recordings.

Drums, Percussion, Electric and Acoustic Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars 6, 7 and 12 Strings, Turkish OUD, Indian Sitar, Chinese PIPA, Chinese Sanshin, Cavaco, Bandolim (Mandolin), Viola Caipira, Tenor Acoustic Guitar, Banjo Bluegrass, Ukelele, Piano, Keyboards, Samples and Loops on Computer.

In 2016, Sandro released the online study platform for students of all levels and all instruments, The Secret of Music which applies his teaching and learning philosophy, synthesized by the phrase: listening, singing, and playing. Soon afterwards, working with anthropologist Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, PhD, Sandro developed an original studying tool, a unique set of musical playing cards deck that condenses all the musical knowledge necessary to understand harmony and rhythm, to improvise and compose.

With this tool, Sandro has delivered workshops and clinics all over Brazil, and in a number of venues and music schools in Italy, USA, China, Uruguay, and Portugal. In these events, Sandro teaches subjects such as harmony, melody, Brazilian rhythms and repertoire, improvisation, group practice, composing, arranging, live performance on guitar, drums and bass.

Sandro Haick provides different services, including artistic consultancy and direction for bands, groups, artists and producers.

Video Trajectory

Trajetória Sandro Haick 1978 até 1988

Trajetória Sandro Haick 1988 até 2007

Trajetória Sandro Haick 2007 até 2015

Trajetória Sandro Haick 2015 até 2018

Albums and Collaborations

Sandro Haick released 11 solo albums. The most recent album, Universal (2019) [ iTunes | Spotify ], was released by Disc Union as a CD in Japan and Europe, and in digital format worldwide. This album features arrangements by Itiberê Zwarg, and guests like Hermeto Pascoal, Raul de Souza and Mestrinho and others.

Musical Direction and Production

Sandro has participated in more than 100 albums with various artists. He worked with the late accordion master Dominguinhos and Guadalupe for 12 years.

  • Guadalupe “Dedicado a Você” Part. Especial Dominguinhos – 2016 (indicado Grammy Latino)
  • Dominguinhos DVD e CD “Iluminado” 2011 (Prêmio Grammy Latino)
  • Dominguinhos DVD “Ao Vivo em Fazenda Nova” 2009
  • Dominguinhos “Conterraneos” 2006 (Prêmio Tim da Música Brasileira)

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